Lilium pardalinum culture

John Longanecker
Fri, 23 Mar 2012 13:19:36 PDT


I too live in an (inland) area where L. pardalinum are native.  Here, in the wild, they almost exclusively grow in non-stagnant bogs or adjacent to running fresh water.  I think that the proximity to water provides needed dry-season moisture and most importantly, insulation from winter subfreezing temperatures and extreme summer heat as the "bulbs" grow on or very near the surface.  In my yard, I have one blooming group in a planter but have found they really like being planted in the ground in any pot larger than one gallon size- frequently sending shoots out the holes in the bottom but staying connected to the mother pot.  They will cross with their dry land local counterpart, L. humboltii, but only with manual assistance, and with mixed results evident only in color patterns on the flowers.
Generally, they are the easiest of the Calilfornia native lilies to cultivate.
John Longanecker,
Placerville, CA. 


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