The Genus Lachenalia - a new book

Pamela Harlow
Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:19:27 PDT
Fair or not, be warned: I delayed in ordering Kew's Peonies of the World.
The print run sold out and I ended up paying a substantial surcharge for an
out-of-print book--the year after publication.

Pamela Harlow

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Subject: Re: [pbs] The Genus Lachenalia - a new book

I think the cost of this book is fair, given the print run ( most likely
less than 5000), and the impressive page count of 600+, nearly three times
that of other Kew monographs. This will be thicker than a bible.  We all
complain that printing is going away, yet we also complain when books of
high quality are offered too.

We should support Kew, and encourage the high quality printing and
information they provide. 

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