Albuca 'Augrabies Hills'

Christiaan van Schalkwyk
Thu, 29 Mar 2012 04:07:24 PDT
Hi All

I've followed the Albuca thread as Augrabies is quite close (120km, in this 
case) from where I stay, but kept out of the discussion as Albuca is  not 
really one of my interrests.

However, I seriously doubt that anything that normally grows in the Eastern 
Cape will survive in that area, so would be very doubtfull to name a plant 
with apparent collection data from Augrabies with a species name from the 
Eastern Cape. And remember that the species name was suggested on the pbs 
group, and applied to a plant with apparent known locality info.

As to Albuca in the Augrabies area, I have  friend that loves Albuca, and 
grows many species (and hybrids). His home town is Kakamas, only 40km away 
from Augrabies town. He has collected three different species in that 
vicinity, but alas do not know their species names. So do not chuck that 
"Augrabies Hills" part, rather chuck the supposed species epithet 
(polyphylla) !

Maybe if one would search the SANBI database using a more prominent town as 
reference point, (like Kakamas, rather than Augrabies) one would be able to 
find better results, else one would need to go through the more than 200 
entries for albuca (160 accepted species?). My skills in searching the 
databse is lacking, I have been unable to restrict search criteria to a 

Upington, South Africa
Who grows only one miniature Albuca sp. (5cm high . . .)

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> Dear Silent Seed,
> As to our Albuca  'Augrabies Hills' the locality is evidently wrong. I
> got from South Africa the following information:
> "I've had a look at the SANBI database which is unfortunately does not
> provide detailed locality data but I can find only 3 specimens of Albuca
> polyphylla in the specimen database --
> Crouch, N. 795 (KZN)
> Strey, R. 7352 (KZN)
> Marchand, P. 10323 (Western Cape
> When using the map facility for Augrabies the search finds only one
> Albuca (A. setosa), based on a specimen collected by S Bester in 2005,
> housed in PRE.
> I think you can safely say the locality of the specimen is an error!"
> Do you have by chance Albuca navicula which has a proper name? Do you
> have a locality for it? It is not seldom offered in the U.S. but nobody
> can give me the locality.
> Regards
> Dietrich

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