Jane McGary
Fri, 11 May 2012 17:28:03 PDT
Rodger wrote

>Jane's further comments about growing camas in a sump came as 
>welcome news. The
>storm sewer construction has led to the creation of a large bed that DOES NOT
>DRAIN, thanks to idiot constuction dudes running a big excavator 
>over wet clay,
>and I've been at my wits' end trying to think what I can plant that that will
>tolerate the conditions thus created.

No, this is a misunderstanding. The "rain garden" or bioswale DOES 
drain. It is constructed by excavating a hole about 4 feet deep and 
laying in layers of various materials (I believe we used pea gravel, 
coarse sand, and vegetable compost, but NO MANURE, along with the 
local clay). It is NOT COMPACTED. I have almost never seen any water 
standing on the surface. The whole point of it is to soak away excess 
runoff to prevent it getting into the storm drains -- the county 
didn't care that there are no storm drains on this road, of course.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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