What is a bulb?

Max Withers maxwithers@gmail.com
Sun, 06 May 2012 20:50:51 PDT

Apparently we have the Danes to thank for the various systems of -phytes:


OED's first citation is 1896, an article citing F. W. C. Areschoug.

It is interesting in light of the present discussion that geophytes
originally fell under "cryptophytes", which would cover most of the
not really geophytic taxa that seem to be causing such consternation.
Perhaps we should change the name to Pacific Cryptophyte Society!

I would only say to Alberto and Dylan and their numerous confreres
that you are of course correct -- but what is the harm? More
information, even if it isn't strictly on topic, is better, isn't it?
I just cannot imagine anything bad happening because the wiki
convinced some poor ingenue that Xanthorrhoea is a bulb. Admittedly, I
have a casual interest in terrestrial orchids, but if they offended me
I would simply refrain from visiting the pages about them.

Max Withers
Oakland CA

On Sun, May 6, 2012 at 5:20 PM, Jim McKenney <jamesamckenney@verizon.net> wrote:
> Alberto, by "here" do you mean as defined on the PBSwiki?
> That's not what I'm asking about. I'm asking about the first usage of the term.
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