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I joined PBS a few months back and have been combing through your wonderful 
site quite addictively. Time to introduce myself. I have noticed that there 
is a very high level of knowledge in this company, but on the understanding 
that there are no stupid questions....... here goes. I garden in the very 
rainy Vancouver area and belong to FOGs, Friends of the Garden, a volunteer 
organization associated with the University of British Columbia Botanical 
Garden.  A new area of interest and outreach (and addiction!) iin our group 
is the growing of bulbs, for the beginner and the not so beginner. We have 
had some trouble in finding dependable bulb suppliers for the choicer bulbs, 
that could deliver to us in a timely way, and that would ship to Canada. The 
curator of the Alpine section of the UBCBG would also be appreciative of any 
suggestions for reliable sources. Thank you for your help.
               Cheers, Sue

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