What is a bulb?

Paul T. ptyerman@ozemail.com.au
Sun, 06 May 2012 22:03:50 PDT

>I don't know why it is the case that there should be a random sampling of a
>few orchid genera on the wiki and a few aroids (groups with their own
>dedicated fan clubs) while these decidedly geophytic succulent genera have
>been omitted, but it would be good to ad some of the latter to balance the
>necessarily heavy weight of the petaloid monocots. Inclusiveness is a
>perfectly good thing when properly considered.


Are you really saying that is something has a 
dedicated fan club then it shouldn't be included 
on the wiki?  That seems to be your reason for 
excluding orchids and aroids, at least according 
to the above paragraph?  Or am I reading it 
incorrectly.  That definition would take out 
Liliums, Galanthus, Trilliums (but if we're only 
bulbs then they can't be included anyway), 
Fritillarias, Probably the majority of 
Amaryllidaceae given I think there is an 
Amaryllid fan group isn't there.....  and the list goes on?

And to the discussion in general....... 
Personally, I don't see why there is a problem 
including non-bulbs (i.e other geophytes), 
although there have been some postings on this 
topic that seem to be saying that we should only 
be pure bulbs.  I guess the purists from a bulb 
point of view would say that nothing that wasn't 
a true bulb should be included..... but the one 
thing I've always like about the PBS is that it 
isn't so strict and authoritative as some other 
organisations are/have been.  I'm really not at 
all sure where this discussion is intending to 
go, other than to try to start an argument about 
the direction of the PBS?  At the moment the wiki 
is a fantastic resource for so many genera, and I 
personally don't want to lose that resource?

Anyway, apologies for adding to the 
discussion.  I just wanted to try to find out 
where it was supposed to be heading, so I knew 
whether to keep reading these topics or just 
delete them when they arrive.  Sorry to have 
added this one as well to everyone's inbox.



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