Australian Terrestrial Orchids

Shelley Gage
Sat, 12 May 2012 05:53:25 PDT

Dear Terry,Here is the list of orchids at the first location. We visited there in April 1993 so goodness knows what is there now.Genoplesium acuminatumEriochilus cucullatusPterostylus nutansPterostylus ophioglossaAcianthus fornicatusLiparis habenarinaGeodorum densiflorumCaladenia carneaCaladenia caternataThelymitra paucifloraLyperanthus suaveolensGenoplesion archeriGenoplesium pumilumArthrochilus irritablisI can't find the list for the second location which was a few kilometres away but I have an annotation to say there were 9 orchids there. Alan Dokrill who was revising Pterostylus at the time was with us and there were a number of knowledgeable orchid people as well for I would never have been able to identify so many without their expertise.I visited the area to show friends a month later and instead of fairy orchids everywhere it was Diurus. I plan to spend some time in the area when I retire in a couple of years. When I come across the photos from this trip I will try to
  post them.Shelley
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> Hello Paul and Shelley - to put my two bobs worth in about our lovely
> terrestrial orchids, I have a very similar range as you Paul, plus
> Hyacinth, Gastrodia and the rare and it is thought endemic, Violet Town
> Spider orchid (*Caladenia *species affinity *rosella *(Violet Town).   They
> may not be as colourful as their cousins in the west but are very
> delicately beautiful all the same.  I've never tried to grow any beyond a
> couple of Pterostylus species, but I doubt they're easy.  I'd be interested
> in your list Shelley, for any future trips north.  Terry
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> > Shelley et al,
> >
> > There are a lot more Aussie terrestrial orchids
> > than just those over in Western Australia.  They
> > grow throughout NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South
> > Australia and I am sure you have some relatively
> > local ones in Queensland too.
> >
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