leichtleinii - Sacajewea ?

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 10 May 2012 06:03:51 PDT
>Rich Haard wrote:
>	Here is the 'pale yellow'  Camassia leichtleinii ssp 
>leichtleinii image taken 2 weeks ago near Roseburg, Oregon.
>I've noticed before in the area but this time driving around back 
>roads in the area it does indeed dominate the local plants.

Dear Friends,
	After the various discussions of Camassia here and another 
closer look at my late blooming 'Sacajewea', I am convinced it is a 
pale creamy flowered form with spring variegated foliage.  The 
picture referenced above is 'barely yellow' and 'Sacajewea' is paler 
still.  The question was posted as to what species 'Sacajewea belongs 

	I understood it to be C. leichtleinii, but the picture is 
dead on. I'm convinced.

			Best		Jim W.

ps Although Camassia l. does well here and I have now three forms- 
typical violet, blue and cream - so far I get no seed produced. I can 
see why this would be if each color form was self-sterile, and 
perhaps the three are too spread out across my acre garden to reduce 
the chance of cross pollination. Just curious. Hope someone will 
donate seed from wild populations to the PBS Seed Ex.
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