Thu, 10 May 2012 14:24:04 PDT

 Like Ellen, I've grown the pink form from Lisa (Buggy Crazy) for some years, they are reliable and really are a pale pink shade.  They are quite beautiful, but tend to open best in the late afternoon and stay thru the next morning, they are not at their best in the early -mid afternoon on sunny days.  I collected some seed and sowed it in a plastic windowbox of potting mix left out to stratify (there are other spp in there too) and now have some small seedlings.  I have not noticed any self sowing yet in my garden.  
I think Telos nursery carries it now, but I know of no other source, it is definitely worth growing.
I have a striped leaf blue flowered form of a smaller species from Lisa as well, it came in a box of mixed small bulbs she was selling on ebay (under Going Crazy).  I love surprises, and for a very nominal price I have gotten some nice daffodils, three or four kinds of colchicums, a broadiea, and the striped leaved camassia from her mix.  I also have the double white one but is is not really all that pretty, and the flowers seem to have aborted this year.  A blue,green leaved tall one also grows in another garden, I am hopelessly confused on their nomenclature having never seen them in the wild and not seeing obvious differences between them other than size at first glance.  One day I will sit down and try to sort them out. Of all of them, I enjoy the pink one the most. 
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe NY 

Z7 but was technically Z8 this past winter
The first flower bud is appearing on one of three hybrid gerbera that made it thru this mild winter with soil filled containers placed on top of their crowns as their only protection.




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