Canna flaccida, surprise hardiness

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 07 May 2012 07:10:21 PDT
So this wasn't the coldest winter for Cincinnati, but I have a surprise to
report.  Canna flaccida that I grew from BX seed survived its first winter
outdoors, in pots, ABOVE ground.  I had so many extra seeds that I was
willing to sacrifice these to test their hardiness.  Imagine my surprise!

Another surprise is that my tropical Canna hybrids that grew from self-sown
seeds are coming back for their 2nd year in the ground next to the house.
They're literally inches away from the house, so obviously getting enough
warmth to enable them to over winter.  (The parent plants died their first
winter, and they were located 2 feet from the house.)  Maybe this year
they'll be big enough to bloom?

Thanks Dr. Jim for donating these Bandana of the Everglades seeds!  :-)

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