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Mark BROWN brown.mark@wanadoo.fr
Mon, 30 Apr 2012 23:40:29 PDT
Yes I have observed the eastern european form of Galanthus nivalis coming into growth and flowering up to a month later then the local stock of native G. nivalis here.
There are quite a few clones around that maybe worth your while getting. G. nivalis 'Virescens' is a very old cultivar that is probably of eastern european origin. It is one of the last to flower along side 'Danube Star' which was for some time known as 'Hololeucus'.The colder and later springs you mention are an interesting explanation. Thanks!

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> In my unstable winter climate G. nivalis have one very important feature - it starts vegetation LATE thus late severe frosts do not hit the leaves over the ground - what is the case in many other snowdrop species (woronowii, elwesii).

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