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Shelley Gage
Sun, 06 May 2012 06:17:57 PDT

Dear Andrew, There are bulbous orchids like Calanthe for example and non-bulbous like many Dendrobiums so I guess they are like any other group of plants which have bulbous and non-bulbous forms so I wouldn't imagine this group discussing all orchids only the bulbous ones. I will be very interested to see what others think.I have yet to visit the Western Australian orchid areas but will one day. There is an excellent article on them and their locations in a recent Australian Native Plant Society magazine.Shelley Gage, SE Queensland, Australia
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 Orchids, terrestrials or epiphytes,
> being so diverse, might overwhelm the primary activities of the site in due
> course. Having said that I would find it difficult to give a blanket 'no' to
> them. What do others say?
> Andrew
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