a tale of bulb abuse

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Sun, 20 May 2012 20:54:17 PDT
Once upon a time I got a Eucharis bulb through the BX.  It was my 3rd
acquisition of Eucharis.  I was so happy to have it because my other 2
plants are growing great!  But I neglected to unpack it promptly and
quite a long time elapsed.  When I finally opened the package, I found
my bulb turning soft & moldy.  I was so annoyed!  I gave it a bleach
bath and let it dry out.  I potted it up and neglected it again!  LOL.
 For months I didn't water it often enough and it never sprouted any
green.  I thought for sure it was dead.  So I unpotted it and found
one small white root.  Well... that seemed to be a good sign, so I
thought some humidity might do the trick.  I re-potted it and enclosed
it in a large clear bag... and accidentally neglected it again.  When
I inspected it about a month ago it was a white fuzzy moldy mess
again.  Damn!  Obviously it was dead.

I ignored it again.  And then today I noticed a healthy green leaf
sprouting, and no signs of mold!  OBVIOUSLY this isn't how a fresh
Eucharis bulb should be treated.  But I am amazed at how resilient
this has been.  Apparently the bulb itself wasn't moldy, just the
outer layer.  And I guess the humidity finally did the trick.  I'm
quite pleased about this encouraging sign of life.

Dennis in Cincinnati  (who still hasn't seen a Eucharis bloom)

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