Veratrum propagation question

Thu, 17 May 2012 20:08:02 PDT

I've finally broken dormancy and gotten good germination in Veratrum californicum. This year, I made 2 plantings one in greenhouse flats and another in the field. Last week, all the seedlings in the greenhouse trays started to go down and appeared at first glance damped off. However on closer exam have formed what looks like a bulb that when dissected has an apparent bud inside.

?First true leaf?
Specimens in the field still look good but since is cooler conditions may duplicate gh specimens soon.

Is this a normal development sequence in Veratrum? Can I expect these 'buds' to sprout again this year? They seem to be behaving like Dodecatheon where cotyledons die back the first year to a fleshy underground structure. This year on Dodecatheon seedlings we have tried a treatment with gibberelic acid in attempt to dleay dieback and cause a second flush of growth, as is reported in literature. Might be worth a try with some of the standing seedlings?

Rich Haard
Bellingham, Wa.,

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