Richard richrd@nas.com
Wed, 09 May 2012 17:44:28 PDT
Hi Roger

Here is Camassia leichtleinii ssp suksdorfii  grown at our farm seed source Lummi Rocks, a pure stand, that i have been growing at our farm many years. Colors vary on this island from pure white the a pale blue and a deep blue (purple). We are also growing a Oregon ss Camassia leichtleinii from seed obtained from a nursery in Oregon (Williamette Valley ss). 

Here is the 'pale yellow'  Camassia leichtleinii ssp leichtleinii image taken 2 weeks ago near Roseburg, Oregon.
I've noticed before in the area but this time driving around back roads in the area it does indeed dominate the local plants. 

Thanks for pointing this out.

Rich Haard, Bellingham, Wa.

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