Roy Sachs - a longtime member of PBS passed away this week.

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 31 May 2012 19:34:17 PDT
I too feel very sad to learn that Roy has died. He joined us at some 
of our Northern California meetings and we always enjoyed his 
company. When I was still a member of IBS, I worked with Roy editing 
a number of his articles for BULBS and that was a very pleasant 
experience. He was always curious about the hows and whys of how 
things grow. I talked him into introducing a topic of the week for us 
on dormancy of seed and bulbs and it seems a fitting tribute to Roy 
to give the link for these introductions to all of you who were not 
participating in our list at that time and as something to reread for 
those of us who knew him.……

And I found an obituary online.
He loved Alstroemeria and found ways to grow it well. On one of our 
visits he gave me some Tulipa 'Angelique' that was surplus from a 
wedding of his daughter where he had given some away. It still blooms 
every year (prechilled for 4-6 weeks in Northern California) and I'm 
happy to have it as I am reminded of him.

Mary Sue

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