Sarracenia (and Iris)

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 07 May 2012 07:34:08 PDT
My Sarracenia are absolutely flourishing.  I've had them now for just over
2 years, since constructing the bog bed in Feb. 2010.

Sarracenia flava var. rugellii was the first to bloom, starting in late
April.  Sarracenia leucophylla is just now sending up bloom stalks.  Oh,
and the pitchers are also finally opening too.  (I hope they don't catch
their pollinators!)

I'm curious if anyone who obtained my Sarracenia seeds from the BX last
year has had any germination yet?

I haven't looked carefully, but I didn't notice any Dionaea or Drosera when
I casually inspected the bed over the weekend.  It's possible they've died
out (or are just being overcrowded).

Dennis in Cincinnati

PS:  To my surprise both Iris fulva and Iris tridentata are THRIVING in the
nutrient poor bog bed alongside the Sarracenia.  Iris fulva just started

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