Stargazer black slimy top

Jim & Marti McManus
Tue, 08 May 2012 11:33:00 PDT
  Hi.  I'm new to your site, and a neophyte lily grower.  I've looked 
for a cause of my problem online with no luck.  Hoping you might have an 

I live in Oregon, near Salem.

I bought 3 Stargazer bulbs about five years ago.  The first year they 
bloomed nicely, but every year since, the most vigorous shoot has looked 
healthy until maybe a week or two before I would expect it to bloom.  
Then, starting at the tip, it turns black and slimy looking.  This black 
"rot" works its way 6-8 inches down the stalk, then it just slowly 
deteriorates and never blooms.  It almost looks like someone took a blow 
torch to it.   The leaves below look normal and green.   No insects or 
larvae are evident.

The less-vigorous shoots usually haven't bloomed, but just look puny.  
Last year there was one sad looking bloom, maybe a month later than 
expected.  The foliage on those shoots didn't look very healthy, but I 
don't remember details of that.

Our soil is heavy with clay and only moderately well draining.  I 
replaced about 8" of the soil with purchased soil 8-10 years ago, which 
turned out to be quite sandy.  It grows daffodils, hardy fuchsias, 
coneflowers, and several other species beautifully.

So far this year the one stalk looks great.  Any thoughts?



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