Roy Sachs - a longtime member of PBS passed away this week.

Marguerite English
Thu, 31 May 2012 13:30:18 PDT
"He touched a lot of people and the man you knew was the man everyone knew.

He presented one face and was extremely genuine.  There are not many people
who had/have as much honesty, integrity, and overall intellect as he
did/does ("have/does" are used because that is my spiritual opinion).

We all are missing him because there was a daily banter via email and phone
with weekly gatherings with him (two to three times was a good week but one
was the minimum) with his 5 kids and grandkids (14).

This is his obituary which explains a lot of who and what he was about.  It
was written by his oldest, Kerry Sachs."

Roy has been my friend and mentor these past few years. It was a pleasure to know him.

Marguerite English

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