Camassia 'Sacajewea'

James Waddick
Wed, 09 May 2012 08:43:45 PDT
Dear Friends,
	A  week or so ago I posted about the first bloom of these 
bulbs. They were planted late in the year and were the last of all 
Camassia in here in Kansas City to bloom. Now they are producing many 
full flower spikes and I guess I never read the full description and 
they are WHITE.  I think so much emphasis has been put on the 
variegated foliage (the color has disappeared already) and less 
mention of flower color.  Since we have no other white Camassia this 
is an added bonus of variety.

	These came from Brent and Becky as end of season specials. 
Very nice and a bargain.

		Best		Jim W.
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