Fritillaria persica

James Waddick
Sat, 26 May 2012 09:17:46 PDT
Dear Friends, but maybe especially Jane McG,

	I have grown two forms of F. persica for a number of years 
and even donated bulbs of one to the BX. One form has produced a 
number of off sets and made nice clumps. The second has only made a 
single offset in at decade or more, but has better, richer colored 
flowers, and grows taller. I suspect it is close to if not the cv 
'Adiyaman' although it came with no cv name.

	This spring both bloomed, but only 'Adiyaman' made seed pods. 
Two stalks made about 10 or 12 fat seed pods and ample fertile 
looking seeds. I'll donate some to the Seed Ex eventually.

	So Jane, any suggestions about starting these seeds?  growing on etc?

	Does this sound like the difference between typical Dutch 
stocks and the real 'Adiyaman'?

		Many thanks		Best		Jim W.

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