Thelymitra article

Sat, 05 May 2012 23:02:06 PDT
Thelymitras are indeed lovely objects. I have seen them at several sites in
the woodlands east and south of Perth. The blue colorations are incredible.
These are terrestrial orchids and are not easy to grow, as your article is
careful to point out. Kits are now available with a 'correct' symbiotic
balance  in the soil with which they are packed. Even so, it is not easy to
get them stabiliized.

Whether we should introduce orchids to this website is an interesting
question. I happen grow a fair number, mostly eastern Australian
Dendrobiums. They are far easier to cultivate than the terrestrials of the
southwest of Australia and do well  along our southern  Pacific coastline
areas. This has been a superb year for them, in fact. If we were to
introduce them or other orchids to this site it would certainly kindle new
interests but it might also have a considerable impact on to[pics of
discussions in this, our bulb world. Orchids, terrestrials or epiphytes,
being so diverse, might overwhelm the primary activities of the site in due
course. Having said that I would find it difficult to give a blanket 'no' to
them. What do others say?

San Diego

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