James L. Jones
Fri, 23 Nov 2012 13:29:23 PST
I grow my Veltheimias in a greenhouse that hits freezing (but not below) every year.  The capensis, which I grew from Silverhill seed, has very nice clear pink flowers; in blooms in February.  I divided it once when it went dormant.
Jim Jones
Lexington, MA

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My Veltheimia go below freezing before Christmas most years.  Just seems to make 
them grow better. This year  we had the worst heat day since I've lived here on 
Sept 14 I was 106 degrees.  It went above 100 at 10am and didn't drop below 100 
until 6pm.  What was strange about this heat was the high humidity. In s. Calif. 
heat normally occurs with very low humidity.   It totally blasted the foliage on 
all my Veltheimias.  Fortunately they recovered and I fertilized them and they 
all look great at this time.  I have a suspicion that the blasting of the 
foliage was because they couldn't transpire and cool down.  I get yellow flowers 
on  very few B. bracteata.  The yellows  never set seed and I just have to 
propagate by dividing the bulbs.  But,  I always sow the seed of the pink 
bracteata and about 2% produce yellow flowers.   Go figure!!  My V. capensis are 
now in full bloom.    I like the foliage but the flowers are very mottled and 
not nearly as attractive.  Joe,  Oceanside, C


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