Massonia pustulata Loriesfontein

Dietrich Müller-Doblies
Sun, 11 Nov 2012 14:23:57 PST
Hi Dylan,
thank you for this additional info. Thus, Massonia pustulata 
'Loriesfontein' is most likely John Lavranos' collection from the early 
90's .
How many plants from Stanford do you cultivate? Do you think, that they 
might be the same as Massonia pustulata 'Loriesfontein'? Is their 
flowering over for this year? Or could you send me in a letter one outer 
bract of different plants even from subfruiting or fruiting 
inflorescences. Simply press them for some days in an old telephone book 
or other book of cheap absorbent paper.

Am 11.11.2012 02:05, schrieb Hannon:
> I had not assumed that the 1970s M. pustulata was from Loeriesfontein but I
> did assume that "Stanford" referred to the town between Hermanus and
> Napier. I am familiar with the grid system you refer to through various SA
> botany papers-- is it posted on line?
> Dylan
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