Massonia pustulata Loriesfontein

Dietrich Müller-Doblies
Sat, 10 Nov 2012 15:44:31 PST
Dear Leo,
Dear Dylan,
Dear Roy,
What a lot of relevant information! Thank you!

Apparently there are at least three different sources of Massonia 
pustulata 'Loriesfontein':
1° "cultivated in California since at least the late 1970s". How sure are
you, Dylan, that this plant without "a locality associated with it" is  
Massonia pustulata 'Loriesfontein'?

2° John Lavranos "found this Massonia at the Loeriesfontein locality in 
the early 90's"
and sent a few bulbs to the USA, perhaps to Arid Lands, under Hansonian 

3° Hannon cultivates plants grown from seeds from *Silverhill Seeds, 
collected near Stanford, "which lies far to the south of Loeriesfontein."
Which Stanford? The one in the Cape Town grid 3318?

4° Roy cultivates Massonia pustulata 'Loriesfontein' received recently 
2-3 years ago, as his plants have not yet reached blooming size) from 
Paul Cumbleton.
Can these plants be traced back to one of the sources 1°-3°?

Who ever has flowering Massonia pustulata 'Loriesfontein', I am hoping 
to receive
from him a pressed outer floral bract and the info, from which 
he has his plant.

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_On 10.11.2012 21:31, Leo A. Martin wrote:_
> Quoting a previous message:
> Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 00:30:14 +0100
> From: Dietrich Müller-Doblies
> Two true locality data questions: Who cultivates Massonia
> pustulata from Loriesfontein?
> Who has some detail information about its origin. Since
> when is it in cultivation? Who was possibly the collector?
>  From where around Loriesfontein?
> A nice week with flowering surprises to all!
> Dietrich
> I had a hunch and forwarded this to John Lavranos, plant discoverer
> extraordinaire. Here is his response:
>> I first wanted to confirm things on google earth. It was I
>> that found this Massonia at the Loeriesfontein locality in
>> the early 90's. I have also seen it elsewhere (near Springok)
>> but the Loeriesf. form was particularly attractive. I sent
>> a few bulbs to the USA, perhaps to Arid Lands, under
>> Hansonian ownership.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA
_On 10.11.2012 21:43, Dylan Hannon wrote:_

This fine species has been cultivated in California since at least the late
1970s, though I never saw a locality associated with it. Currently I have
plants from seeds ex Silverhill Seeds originally collected near Stanford,
which lies far to the south of Loeriesfontein. The leaves are markedly
pustulate and range from dark green to dark red/purple.

_On 10.11.2012 22:08, Roy Herold wrote:_

I, too, grow Massonia 'pustulata' Loriesfontein, but question if it is
really the true pustulata. Mine, courtesy of Paul Cumbleton, are not yet
blooming size but their bulbs and general habit do not resemble the
commonly grown M. pustulata from the southern part of the Western Cape.

I grow decidedly pustulate forms of M. pygmaea and so-called M.
'jasminiflora' (the latter has distinctly different flowers from other
jasminifloras). I am certain that neither is M. pustulata despite the
leaf characteristics.

Looking for a suggested proper name from Dietrich or others!


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