BX 327 - 4. Rhodophiala bifida?

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Tue, 13 Nov 2012 19:38:08 PST
I was fortunate to receive #4 in BX 327, donated by Mark Wilcox. Thank
you, Mark!

>From Mark Wilcox:
4. Seed of Rhodophiala bifida from Alberto Castillo's 2008 donation to the

I like to look things up for data, so I went through all the 2008 messages
on the Web site looking for Alberto's donation. I noticed some interesting
things: First, There is no BX 190 shown. Numbering goes from 189 to 191.

Second, Alberto didn't donate R. bifida in 2008 unless it was in the
missing BX 190. He did donate

April 2008 BX 170 - 1. Fresh seed of Rhodophiala granatiflora

April 2008 BX 171 - 3. Fresh seed of Rhodophiala granatiflora (the correct
name, this time)

and he was the source of

June 2008 BX 174 From From Tony Avent: 30. Seed of Rhodophiala bifida,
carmine-pink, originally from Alberto Castillo

So, Mark, are you able to clarify?

Leo Martin
Phonix Arizona USA

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