Lycoris Cold Hardiness

Barna Sipos
Fri, 30 Nov 2012 14:11:09 PST
Hi All,

I tried to find some more exact information about the cold hardiness 
of some Lycoris species, but every webpage says something different. 
(somewhere the L sprengeri hardy to USDA zone 6 but the other page is warning:
"do need to be brought indoors for the winter" in the UK.)
Has anybody got information about these plants? Which one is reliably frost hardy at which USDA zone?
I would be interested mainly the species listed below. 

L albiflora
L aurea
L caldwellii
L chinensis
L haywardii
L houdysellii
L longituba
L radiata
L rosaea
L sanguinea
L sprengeri
L traubii

Many Thanks,

Barna Sipos
Hungary, UK

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