Bomarea (Leontochir) ovallei

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 09 Nov 2012 06:50:43 PST
The message below was held since it was too big as it included all of 
the previous digest.

  For Nhu, Peter, Alberto, and All,

I've been growing B. ovallei for about 8 years at San Francisico 
State University. My largest plant is close to the size of the one in 
your picture and produces from 5 to 10 umbels each year. They emit a 
strong, pleasant, honey-like smell and are of very tough substance -I 
suppose to stand up to rodent or bird pollination? I've found that 
this plant is completely self fertile, producing large amounts of 
seed, but as yet I get very poor germination: 2 out of 60 last year. 
Would appreciate any hints on this and have tried GA3 soak and 
cool/moist stratification without reward. When I see the first shoots 
come up with cool fall temperatures, I begin watering and once the 
leaves expand a bit, heavy feeding. I also raise the plants up to be 
closer to our HPS lights. I will be posting pictures on our Friends 
of the SFSU Greenhouse blog soon:

Martin Grantham

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