Sun, 25 Nov 2012 10:35:28 PST
Thanks Sean,

While your area and mine are about the same temperature zone, I think you
are probably more humid.  I think what is going to happen is that I won't be
able to remember just where all the iris are planted so some will get
uncovered and some will remain covered and the results will be a highly
uncontrolled experiment!  Hopefully it won't be disastrous.  

The responses (thanks all) do make it sound like mulching is a rather iffy
thing to do.


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It's probably not the greatest thing to do to bearded irises, but it doesn't
seem to hurt them here and sometimes keeps them evergreen. I wouldn't ever
do it except to protect adjacent plants, and you'd definitely want to remove
the elm leaves in early spring before it warms up too much.

Bulb-wise, I do purposely mulch xiphium hybrids to keep the winter-growing
leaves from burning back, which also works on evergreen summer-growing
moraeas. It will however cause junos and reticulatas to emerge too early for
my climate.

Sean Z
Zone 6a
SE Michigan

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