Bomarea (Leontochir) ovallei

Jane McGary
Thu, 08 Nov 2012 16:39:27 PST
Alberto Castillo wrote about the Bomarea in the CHilean botanic garden:

>Incredible that they have it trained up a cage when it is actually a 
>trailing plant.

They probably keep it in a cage so visitors won't pick the flowers! 
One site of it in the Llanos de Challe national park has signs "No 
cortar la flora," and because it's near a road, the rangers keep a 
close eye on it. It is an iconic plant in CHile.

When I saw Leontochir ovallei being grown at the botanic garden in 
Valparaiso, it was in a cactus house to which I got access only after 
finding a curator to unlock the door. He told me that the cacti had 
to be protected that way or people would steal whole plants for their 
gardens. This is not, of course, a problem unique to Chilean botanic 
gardens. I've seen whole collections in alpine houses sequestered 
behind metal screen to keep the public's greedy hands away.

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