Do any other Hippeastrums have 23cms (9") flowers?

J. Agoston
Sun, 25 Nov 2012 01:59:08 PST

To be honest I never measured Hippeastrum flower size, as far as i can
remember, but I know that for sure bulb size has influence on flower size,
at least for tulips, lilies, and sometimes in Hippeastrum. I had the common
red Hippeastrum (Red Lion, most likely), and the offsets have smaller
flowers than the mother bulb. One time i managed to get only one 46/+ sized
orange and it had huge flowers, bigger than 20 cm, 3 stems, 4-5 buds/stem.
Bulb size also has influence on bud count, and on stem count. But next time
if i'll have a flowering sized Hippeastrum i'll measure the bulb and the
flower size.

Z5a, Hungary

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