seed setting in Narcissus fernandessii

Fri, 02 Nov 2012 01:36:40 PDT
Alf, there were lots of flowers, no lack of them. It is the fact that 
they have not set seed, for the first time, and I suspect it is because 
of too many bulbs and a natural selection so they don't get too crowded. 
Animals do it, but do bulbs? Does anyone know?

And Ellie is fine, thank you....

On 2/11/2012 10:55 a.m., alf wrote:
> Hello Ina !
> The longer they stay in the same pot without repotting the more flower you
> will get.
> By repotting they will just put up more leafs and you will get fewer
> flowers.
> All is well , winter is here.
> Take care of yourself and the dog!
> Hugs Alf
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>> When I had only one bulb, the flowers set seed.  When there were more,
>> the following season, there was less seed per flower.  This year there
>> is quite a clump of them and no seed at all.  It is not lack of bees as
>> other trees and flowers set seed very well.  Which makes me wonder, can
>> seed set be affected by how much space there is?
>> These bulbs are in a pot as they are strongly scented and it is the only
>> way to get the benefit of that.  And I do repot, so it is not that there
>> is no fertility in the soil.
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