Narcissus triandrus albus

Sat, 03 Nov 2012 03:43:13 PDT

These hybrids just don't have the feel of N. triandrus albus. Narcissus 'Solveig's Song' is much closer to N. bubocodium.
I have grown 'Xit' very succesfully for years. It is a charmer but does not have the delicate nodding bells in that off white shade.


That is excellent news! But I wonder why it is no longer listed by the big companies as it used to be?

Kind regards,


" N. 'Solveigs Song' is a very good hybrid which
> you might like? or for white colour N waterii, which I find much easier and
> is very easy from seed, the trick to it is not to let it get dry while in
> growth. N. 'Xit' is another attractive small daffodill.
> Peter (UK)"

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