encouraging youngsters to be gardeners; was Re: Gardening meets Econ 101

Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 17:49:31 PDT
I don't know if it's replacement level or not, but there are still younger adults joining the ranks of us bulb growers. And a few of them are very enthusiastic! Some are (or were) members of this list, including our current president. And I've always felt encouraged to write them privately about this or that, which has always been fun for me. But even more so, is trying to meet them if I ever happen to be near where they live, whether it be a PBS get-together in Northern California or just arranging a bite to eat while passing through their home city in Argentina or Chile. They're great people. And yes, the Internet has become my primary source of interaction. But it doesn't replace actual face-to-face interaction. Those are the best! Plant people, generally speaking, are wonderful people and almost all of the ones I've tried to meet up with were more than happy to do so. Mary Sue can tell you all kinds of stories of her efforts in doing this as well. Don't be afraid to send out some emails if you happen to be lucky enough to be traveling somewhere near where you know some of the rest of us live and maybe have some time to go see their garden or collection. Or even to eat a quick dinner together during a long layover. I've even had a few stay overnight in my small messy house full of kids and pets! I have great hope that some kind of plant related associations will continue to evolve as time and our world society continue forward in time.

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