Hesperantha vaginata

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Thu, 25 Oct 2012 21:07:25 PDT
I grew mine from Silverhill seed, which sprouted well. Once the one bulb
that survived reached blooming size (it took longer than it should have
due to my marginal care) it bloomed every year for about 5 years. Last
spring I went to repot after it went dormant and there was nothing in the
pot. I do have seeds saved from several years. It never made enough to
send to Dell.

I stored it in the container, a 20-ounce foam beverage cup (this is 3"
across by 6" deep / 10cm across / 20cm deep.) The soil is a heavy mix of
local granitic fine soil and builder's sand that is wet all winter.

Most years, after it went dormant and dried completely, I put the
container, along with 15 close friends, into a standard cardboard document
box and put the box in a closet in a spare bedroom whose air conditioning
duct I close for the summer. Guests never visit in the summer. That room
is never over 90F / 32C. I didn't look at it nor water it again until the
next fall.

A few summers I forgot to bring it in; it summered outside exposed to
blazing sun, regular daytime temperatures over 104 F / 40C for months, and
occasional drenching in summer thunderstorms. This did not seem to bother
it and it always bloomed.

I don't know why it succumbed this spring. It had flowered and set seed.

I can only guess mine spent a much warmer summer than those in northern

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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