Lunar correlation with bloom cycles, was Saffron Harvest

Robert Hoel
Sun, 14 Oct 2012 20:28:50 PDT

I can attest to the fact that my Night Blooming Cereus blooms every month at the time of the full moon, from May until September or October.  I have watched this phenomena for years and find it very consistent.  Though it may have a number of flowers during a given flush, they will all open with the full moon or 2 days either side of it.

Bob Hoel
Elmhurst, IL  USA

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> Dear M. Waddick,
> Here (Southern Urop'), we are reaching a first blooming peak today.
> A few months ago, I ran some statistics on previous years' blooming series
> gathered from different saffron farmers, looking for correlations between
> C. sativus blooming and the lunar cycle.
> There is some significant effect with the new and full moons, where C.
> sativus synchronizes in the field.
> Does anyone knows about other species behaving this way ? if scholars
> investigated the phenomenon ? and what hypotheses have been considered to
> explain blooming synchronization with the lunar phase ?

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