Nerine bowdenii - How to overwinter?

David Pilling
Thu, 04 Oct 2012 07:30:38 PDT

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Peter Taggart <> writes
>Nerines are not keen on being bare rooted, keep it potted. N. bowdenii is
>hardy to about minus 20 c in the ground, less in a pot.

Would another way of putting this be - Nerine bulbs will not stand 
temperatures less than zero degrees C, but often the temperature under 
the ground and under feet of snow does not reach zero degrees.

Corollary - you can easily kill them on the surface of a pot even if the 
temperature only goes one or two degrees below zero.

I often think a temperature logger that one could bury in Autumn and 
retrieve in Spring would be interesting in revealing the actual 
temperatures bulbs experience.

David Pilling

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