Just joined the list

Shmuel Silinsky gardenbetter@gmail.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2012 05:58:44 PDT
Hello all,

I am very excited to be on this email list. I used to live in Los Angeles
and ran the landscape dept of Steven's Nursery in the San Fernando Valley,
so I may be an honorary "Pacifican". I currently live in Jerusalem Israel,
which is essentially the same climate. I would say USDA zone 9b or 10a.

My main interest here is in xerophytes and of course Israel has lots of
amazing geophytes. The climate here is like California with winter rain and
dry summers. My garden has its share of nematodes, so lots of the bulbs I
grow are in pots.  OK, that's my introduction and hope to get to the nitty
gritty now.


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