what is your oldest plant

Richard richrd@nas.com
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 15:46:43 PDT
The old farmer who preceded us at our nursery left a clump of Trillium growing next to the house foundation. It was about 18" across. The house was built about 1947 when the land was cleared for agriculture. I dug up the clump and pulled off about 200 divisions and replanted. That was about 15 years ago and the Trillium clump now looks about the same.

My favorite  native geophyte is Coryaldis scouleri. http://plants.usda.gov/java/profile/?symbol=cosc4

15 Years ago I plucked a single eyed root near Mt. Rainier. Is now a 30 foot long bed in forest near my house. Grew some from seed 2 years ago but is very tricky because the capsules are explosive and seeds are recalcitrant. Missed em this year.

Rich H
Bellingham Washington

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