Please help ID this

Bulborum Botanicum
Thu, 04 Oct 2012 09:54:15 PDT
Thanks Jim for explaining

Merwilla plumbea here has a flower-spike from over half a meter


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*Bulborum Botanicum*


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2012/10/4 Jim McKenney <>

> As I recall, the events in question took place about a century and a half
> before the time of Linnaeus' best work.
> It was Clusius, not Linnaeus,  who traveled to Bristol to get information
> about this plant. He was told that it came in a ship named Peru but the
> ship itself had come from the Levant.  The nane antedates Linnaeus, and
> thus modern nomenclature,  by about 150 years.
> And is the plant in question actually S. peruviana (Oncostema peruviana)
> or is it one of the South African species, such as Merwilla plumbea (Scilla
> natalensis)? The foliage, what we can see of it, suggests this plant rather
> than S. peruviana.
> Jim McKenney
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