Pacific Bulb Society BX 327

Kipp McMichael
Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:48:03 PDT

  A bit more detail about some of these seeds:

19. Albuca namaquensis - these are seeds from plants I purchased in Southern California that were already in-seed at the time. I therefor cannot guarantee their breed purity.

21. Massonia depressa, several forms - these are a mixed lot of seeds from many different accessions of Massonia depressa. Most of them have purple leaf markings and a few show some hairs/whiskers.

22. Massonia pustulata purple and mostly purple - The parents of these plants are predominantly purple-leaved and very pustulated. At least for me, they are also prolific seed-producers.

23. Orbea variegata - not a bulb but a fat, nobby succulent with an amazing flower. In this strain, the flower is mottled burgundy on a cream background (as opposed to my other strain in which the burgundy is the predominant/background color.) This is a hardy, moisture tolerant succulent that survives here in Berkeley with a wet winter and an irrigated summer.

25. Ornithogalum fimbromarginatum, ex Steve Hammer - These are a wonderful, frost-hardy bulb with low-to-prostrate, wide leaves. The edges of the leaves have a fine comb of white hairs. It blooms in summer and mine had 1m stems of typical white ornithogalum flowers.



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