what is your oldest plant

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 06:28:46 PDT
I wish I had a wonderful story like so many of you!

When I was a child I remember trying (killing) so many plants.
African violets from grandma, baby spider plants from my sister, venus
flytraps from school field trips to the natural history museum, etc.
It wasn't until about age 27 that I tried serious gardening.  Those
first plants were a pack of dutch iris bulbs from Wal-Mart.  Such a
fairy tale story.  LOL.  :-)

Those bulbs did get me hooked on Iris.  An obsession which led to tall
bearded, then to arilbred, then to Louisianas, then to native wild
species (cristata, brevicaulis, versicolor, verna, etc.).  And that
led the way to native wildflowers in general.  I think I joined PBS a
year or two after it had formed.  My favorite "bulbs" these days are
gesneriads like Sinningia, Diastema, Gloxinella, and Niphaea.

My oldest living plants must be some windowsill cacti which may be
16yrs old now.  But perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me?  I
definitely have some outdoor cacti that are 14 yrs old.  And some tall
bearded irises about that old, too.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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