Nerine bowdenii - How to overwinter?

David Pilling
Wed, 03 Oct 2012 04:53:51 PDT
In message <>, Nick de
Rothschild <> writes
>Re John Grimshaw's reply.... you have to realise that he comes from 'up north'
>and we come from 'down south'- up north they are a tough bunch, whereas down
>south we are softies.

Here Nerine is a winter dormant, spring/summer growing bulb - yes I am 'oop
North' in England [1], but the west coast is warmer than Yorkshire in winter,
temperatures barely got below zero in winter 2011/12. Maybe the summers don't
get hot enough. Anyway the nerine are flowering at the moment, after a long
growing season starting in spring.

[1] Blackpool, Lancashire.…

David Pilling

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