The Future.....

Christian Lachaud
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 12:20:52 PDT
Dear Nick,

Your detailed analysis was very interesting to read: It surely portrays the
situation well.

As a younger generation's representative, I would also add two more causes
in favour of your thesis (= that younger people are hard to hook with
flowers and collecting passion):

   1. it is more and more difficult for young people (than it was for the
   older generations) to get anchoring and stability, with enough professional
   success, continuity, and money (to own a house, a garden, and
   infrastructures such as a greenhouse). The virtual life is a consequence
   that there can't be enough material resources for everyone, and diverting
   people in that direction is a technical way to engineer the society so that
   civil peace is maintained.
   2. joining societies with too much passion and curiosity often results
   in pissing off ancient members, who may feel threatened by newcomers.
   Sometimes, they will show superior and patronizing attitudes as defensive
   mechanisms and territorial behaviours. Furthermore, it seems that societies
   get organized around salient personalities, and just being interested in
   knowledge and plant collecting will not be enough: you also need to yield
   to this pyramidal order or you will be discriminated by the group. Young
   people like their freedom, especially in hobbies, and may not be willing to
   accept the cost of such human constraints.

Additionally, despite a global population increase, the world is also much
more complex, and possible hobbies are so diverse and becoming so specific,
technical, and professionalized, that it will mechanically divide the
amount of people each activity may attract (not to mention other
sociological factors such as the European population replacement by people
with different sets of interests imported from other areas of the global

But I also agree with other comments that the virtual world is a superb
connecting tool bringing so much opportunities and allowing different
universes to exist in parallel.
What humankind has created is so amazing, and still going on !

I would not fear for the future though: if an activity is worthy, it will
always attract people and people will create the world that suits what they
are (let's hope).

Maybe should you make connections with universities and schools involved in
horticultural studies - where young plant passionates thrive?
I'm sure you would get a public there.


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