Lilium longiflorum re-sprout

Nathan Lange
Mon, 29 Oct 2012 14:42:08 PDT

Early shoot emergence is a common occurrence with 
commercial growers of potted L. longiflorum 
plants (Easter lilies in the U.S.).  Depending on 
the year, a small percentage of bulbs break 
dormancy and sprout early during rooting (usually 
in October), but prior to vernalization.  The 
optimal soil temperature range for breaking 
dormancy in L. longiflorum has been reported to 
be 10 to 15.5C.  A brief subsequent increase in 
soil temperature, although not necessary, could hasten shoot emergence.


At 10:18 AM 10/29/2012, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>I have checked the trays last week and found that Lilium longiflorum 'White
>Heaven' is re sprouting, although the foliage emerged in spring is still
>alive. I have some guesses why does this happen, but I would like to know
>if anybody have encountered similar autumn re-growth in this lily section.
>Z5a, Hungary, with first snowfall today.
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