harvested flats of lily yearlings

Richard richrd@nas.com
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 22:03:49 PDT
Lilium columbianum and L. washingtonianum. I initiated warm stratification 1/2012- 30 days, moved to cold strat for 45 days and with active germination moved into flats and greenhouse in early spring then to cooler outside location for summer. Harvested 10/1/2012. Planning to move into field in February/March after winter at 40 F in cooler.


This has saved 1 year over field planting with a much higher recovery of seedlings from the flats versus waiting for second year germination outside. This year I hope to adjust timing and have  treated seed ready for direct seeding in field by April. 

Hindsight, I should have dried out the flats for a month to induce dormancy??? Roots are currently prevalent and currently in cooler with moist medium

Rich H

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