Water retained by various soil ingredients

Shmuel Silinsky gardenbetter@gmail.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2012 04:57:55 PDT
I really like this thread!!!

Mike wrote:
>So I took equal quantities of six potting ingredients,
>weighed each one, soaked it in water for six hours, poured off the excess
>water, and then weighed the ingredient again.  This told me how much water
>it retained.  Here are the results, with 1 = the amount of water retained

Maybe I am misunderstanding. I assumed equal quantities meant by volume.
Water retained was by weight (which is great cause 1ml = ig). Just
checking because obviously same weight of perlite and sand is a huge
difference in volume.

Is coir (coconut fibre) used in bulb circles?

Jerusalem Zone 9b

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