gardening prodigy (was Tulipa humilis)

Mon, 01 Oct 2012 06:26:13 PDT
It is funny as I have had just about the same background.
My first memories are of plants!

And my first plantings date from around four years of age.

I do still clearly remember planting Oxalis acetosella and Veronica serpyllifolia because of their tiny stripes on their petals.

My first bulbs were most likely galanthus as these are somehow miraculous by being so early and mostly so resistant to neglect.
I probably still grow Viola tricolor 'Bowles Black' from AGS seed when I first joined around thre age of thirteen. And some other easy plants.
Sadly I have not kept up my membership, I feel less concerned by alpine gardens these days. But really enjoy going to the Alps or elsewhere to botanise!!


" Peter Taggart writes
> >four decades. I was dissecting corms and bulbs, weeding Aciphyllas (-small
> >hands get where larger ones can't!), aged three

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