Gardening meets Econ 101

Bill Lee
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 09:43:45 PDT

Boyce, our local daffodil society here in the Cincinnati area works with several elementary schools and give the students free daffodil bulbs. Then we do a judged daffodil show and have various elementary-school level gardening books as prizes for the best exhibits.  We know that children will not necessarily continue this interest through their teen and early-adult lives, but we hope they remember the experience and one day maybe even join up with our local daffodil society. It's a long-term investment for us!

Bill Lee

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Leo's question got me to thinking:

More money is spent on tulips world wide than any other class of bulbs.
 Tulips are iconic - even kids in climates that are not conducive to
growing them know what they are (personal experience).   Cost less per size
of inflorescence produced than any other genera currently available for
fall planting. Timing is right for homeowners and property owners to be
purchasing tulip bulbs for next years display.  Persistence in northern
landscapes - several of the species and many of the group known as Darwin
Hybrids have lasted 14 years in my home landscape with minimal care.

Want to expand the number of people fascinated with bulbs? (give the kids
in elementary school a tulip bulb to take home and plant as part of their
biology class then assign them to research the history and geography of

In my opinion we need to be focusing on recruiting the next generation, not
bemoaning the lack of interest of the WSJ in some of our really cool,
specialized collections that we have developed over our lifetimes - that is
another article - for a different publication - oriented to a different

Boyce Tankersley
Chicago Botanic Garden

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> > ... why would an author from the Wall Street
> > Journal be interested in bulbs, especially Tulips?


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